Monday, 25 October 2010

Storypraxis prompt attempt 1: How The Shower Cap Was Lost

"Ok - so I'm out here, miles from anywhere. Where am I supposed to get a shower? You're kidding me - that's it?? Two buckets and a well. The things I have to do for these people..."

Four hours from civilisation and all she seemed to care about was personal hygiene, a panic that one hair may just get out of place - in all honesty, no-one bar the livestock was going to notice. Still, she had to maintain her pride... There was that mirror in the shack that kept telling her she was in desperate need of a facial, never mind her straighteners. After five minutes of cursing her employers, bad luck, the sunshine, and the probability that even now, there were storm clouds closing in on her location to break the three year drought specifically with the aim of ruining what was left of her coiffure - after that solid five minutes of anger, she gave in.

Setting her collection of beauty products on the wall of the well, she started to wind the handle down for the first bucket of water. She gritted her teeth. A couple of bucketfuls later, feeling like a drowned rat, she reached for the shampoo. Unfortunately, she hit it rather than grasping it. Having already loosened the lid, the sinking feeling that she felt as she heard it bounce off the walls on the way down increased proportionally as she realised that she would be drinking diluted hair care product for the rest of her stay...

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