Monday, 25 October 2010

Storypraxis prompt attempt 2: Four Hours

Watching the clouds, she waited for the phone to ring. She had a feeling that the call would come just as the next heavy shower arrived, but whenever it happened she'd just have to drop everything and go. Sitting by the phone table, she spotted a job she'd neglected to do.. she sat a while and wondered if she dared go to the kitchen for the polish. Another 15 minutes passed. The annoyance at the layer of dust on the bannisters got the better of her, and she moved quickly, leaving all of the doors open so as to be able to get back in a hurry.

She dusted. She polished. She even hoovered, keeping close just in case. After a while she'd got so involved in the chores, relishing the relief from the stress that doing mundane things had given her, that the call left her mind completely. She remembered a job that needed doing in the spare room and went upstairs.

It was one o'clock when the first message arrived. She suddenly remembered, horrified, at five, having put a room in order and sorted out countless papers that had lain untouched for months. She played them back, knowing now that it was far too late and that her chance had gone. She just had to figure out how on earth the undo the damage, and cursed her conscience for concentrating on the small things....

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