Sunday, 19 February 2012

Printmaking - finally!

At last I have got myself motivated to do some exploratory printmaking at home. Our youngest insisted on being allowed to try out some form of block printing after having seen it done on a kids' art show (of all places! Good for them), so I broke out the polystyrene sheets & gave her some to play with. She had a whale of a time and produced some fun work. Having proved to myself that it was possible to do this on the dining room table, I fished out an old sketchbook and my little square of lino, and lo and behold the results. I'd been collecting block printing ink for a few months so the intent has been there, so thanks to our youngest and the school holidays for the inspiration and opportunity respectively. Now that I've seen that it's possible, slightly larger plans are in the pipeline - only A5 sort of larger, but it's getting me working again :-))

These are based on a drawing I did in 1990 of a boat on the mudflats at low tide in the old Cardiff Docks, before it was all redeveloped as a marina.

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