Sunday, 15 April 2012

I wandered lonely as a cloudy linocut...

Just a quick thought - I'm trying to decide what to go for next as a linocut design, and would like to do clouds - so I've been out looking for other artists who may have done the same to get ideas for mark-making. One. Just one person has 'made' clouds with lino in a way that I feel expresses what I'm after. Most people go for a stylised curly look. My first attempt (the tanker pic, Estuary Boat below) was not very pleasing but it was a first go. I'm aiming to make a 'just clouds' print, so first I need my source....

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Storypraxis prompt - hidebound

He was proud of his collection. It sat, perfectly arranged and spotlessly kept, on shelves behind glass doors in his study. There were tankards with beautifully tooled surfaces; there were boxes, containing nothing but air, but which opened and closed with such a satisfying slide that it was worth having them for that alone; there were even some aged leather-bound books which he'd found at a fair, battered and mould-ridden - he took them home and lovingly cleaned and polished them back to their original sheen, placing them tenderly in his cabinet. There was something homely, warming, about these hidebound objects, familiar and comforting, and he was creating a museum of them for himself.

There was a knock at the study door: he called "Enter!" and a young man appeared, carrying a tray. He placed it on the collector's desk, bowed and moved to walk away. "Hey there, you, what's your name - look at this collection of mine. That's what defines a man you know - art, culture. Not your civil rights and insisting on more and more of your own way. Improve yourself and you're half way there. Look smart there - you've forgotten my sugar!" The servant apologised and rushed from the room to retrieve the sweet stuff, not so long refined from the plantation outside. As he went he marvelled again at the irony that this hidebound man should take so much pride in a collection of objects whose name mirrored his own state.

Daily short story prompts from  Storypraxis: hidebound

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Storypraxis prompt - One eighty

Today she was driving. To nowhere in particular, just driving. Driving and thinking, considering. That was who she was, a thinking driver, on a mission to consider her way into the next part of life. Out here on the main road, the low hedges and big skies made her feel as though she could be on top of a hill, alone and in peace. Deep in thought, consumed by her present and dreaming of a future that she was yet to discover if it was true. A feeling rose inside, a sudden swelling of frustration, she couldn't explain it - intense irritation, almost palpable, it seemed to scratch and itch inside her as she thought of barriers and obstructions, people who would tell her it was all a bad idea. The sun was beating down now and she was too hot, an almost prickly heat and it was all mounting up to become unbearable. In a physical reaction to the limits that she felt descending, she make a sharp one eighty in the road. Smoke rose from the tyres as she turned , and a horn screamed at her as a vehicle swerved past on her right. Shaken out of her reverie she sat, petrified, dreams wiped from her mind as she opened her eyes and saw what she'd just narrowly avoided. Death stared her in the face as she climbed out of her car... 

Daily short story prompts from Storypraxis Storypraxis prompt One Eighty, 7/4/12

Friday, 6 April 2012

Leaf Skeleton

Here's the linocut so far, it's about 4" x 6". I'm thinking of what else to do / how else to use it, and working on ideas of backgrounds and colours. May well do some monotypes and overprint the leaf on them.  

Monday, 2 April 2012

Leaf skeletons

I've just started (like just at 11.30 at night) on a new lino cut. I found a fairly robust leaf skeleton a few weeks ago, I think it was a laurel leaf in a past life, and have done a drawing of the main outlines and veins. Based on that I've drawn out a basic shape to work within on a small piece of lino, about 6" x 4". I'm hoping it'll look a bit more as if I know what I'm doing with this one... I'll proof it after I've carved one side of it to see if it's working ok.