Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Dogrose linocut first stage

Right - first colour (I've printed 16 of these). It looks very much like a carnation to me...Be reassured by the lino on the left as you can see the plan. All of this yellow is in aid of getting the stamens printed, but I'm hoping too that it will have the side-effect of warming all of the other colours as they go over the top. Originally I was going to print the pink first but I decided to go with the stamens first so as not to have registration problems with them, and also to achieve a clearer colour. Next stage will be to remove the stamens and print the pink for the petals, but I'm going to leave it a while to dry (probably several days), as, despite it being water-based ink, the last time I tried a multicolour reduction print, the second colour lifted the first off, even after a couple of days hung over the radiator. So the next colour will be the make-or-break of whether this is going to work. I'm expecting a few casualties along the way, but I hope I come out with at least four decent prints at the end of this!

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